Are you just about to finish your PhD dissertation after hours of toiling away at your research? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can have your entire bundle of A4 sheets turned into a beautifully-designed and well-crafted thesis. And one you can afford as well!

You can have the lay-out done or you can have it printed, but it is also possible to have the text edited (both in EN and NL). You can have a digital version made (pdf, e-book), your PhD defence photographed, your invitations printed and/or your (PowerPoint) presentation professionally designed.

We are a small team of professionals, consisting of two graphic designers, two text editors (one for Dutch and the other for English), a photographer, and a printer, who have all gathered their expertise together into one enterprise. Due to our combined efforts, we can offer you everything you need to give your dissertation the attention it deserves after the many years of effort you’ve spent.

How it works

First, we start by offering you a free consultation in which we discuss what you would like and what we can offer you. Afterwards, we draw up a full quotation so that you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by the costs. 

Text editing

You are the one responsible for conveying expertise in your field of research. We are the ones who are professional when it comes to presenting an academic text clearly and with precision. We can provide an orderly overview of the contents and ensure an accessible writing style, making your text easier to read and more comprehensible.


The design begins with a preliminary draft that shows how the contents are going to be presented. At the same time, we can determine the number of pages so that a quotation can be made indicating how much the printing costs for the dissertation will be.
The lay-out and revision usually occur in stages. As soon as a chapter has been given a particular format, we will see to it that the text is promptly edited. That’s how we can keep up the momentum and respond swiftly. In the meantime, we will be searching together with you for an image that can serve as the front cover.


Did you write the content in LaTeX. No problem, we can lay-out that too.


Thesis Design & Editing Services ( will be continually in contact with the printer, from the date of submission to the final delivery. Together, we will go through the trial version before it is printed. You can have an invitation to the PhD defence printed free of charge as well as the front cover.

Additional offerings

If you like, we can arrange the photography (portrait or film coverage of a session, reception or a party), an invitation to your PhD party, a digital version of your PhD dissertation or the design of a (PowerPoint)presentation.